Nikita Chaudhry

Artist I Activist I Human Being

Nikita Chaudhry is a young energetic brown girl that thrives on acting, dancing, singing, choreographing, and educating. She moved to New York City from her hometown of Baltimore, MD to study and train at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, and now resides between New York and Los Angeles. Graduating in 2015 with a BFA in Drama, she has trained in acting, specifically the Meisner technique, dance, and voice. Her dance training includes but is not limited to, contemporary, hip-hop, musical theater, jazz, ballet, pointe, modern, and tap. Additionally, Nikita has trained in Williamson, Suzuki, Alexander, and Grotowski techniques and has also choreographed both solo and group pieces. Vocally, she has had the privilege of training with various instructors, but is most proud of her morning shower performances. 

In accordance with the arts, Nikita has a deep-rooted passion for social change and public policy. Engaging in both animal activism and LGBTQ activism at a young age, followed by creating programs and conversations around race and diversity, she continues to learn more through her service work, employment, and daily life. Most recently, she co-organized the Women's Convention in Detroit, as a part of the the Women's March staff.

As an Indian-American, Nikita grew up understanding the world through a multicultural perspective. She believes that as an artist, she is inherently an activist. She hopes to use her talents to say and do something that influences others on deep levels. She aims for her work to be a catalyst for change.

Along with earning a BFA in Drama, Nikita minored in Performance Studies and completed an Honors Certificate in Theatre Studies. Her thesis, "Brownness & Belonging," concentrated in the identities of South Asian American women in U.S. theater. Her Performance Studies capstone performance explored the ways in which we embody our ancestry and diasporic experience in our movement.

Nikita hopes to make a difference in the world with the performing arts. She believes that by exploring the boundaries of the human body, the arts can deepen and expand universal communication. 

She is also extremely friendly, bubbly, and loud. She enjoys playing with dogs, eating things that looks edible, being as weird as possible, and celebrating Christmas...and she looks forward to meeting you someday!