Nikita Chaudhry

Artist I Activist I Human Being

The Other Showcase - Tisch Alumni Diversity Showcase in LA

On Monday, February 5th at The Pico, I will be performing alongside fellow NYU Tisch alumni artists with whom I have had the pleasure of collaborating to specifically showcase the under-heard and underrepresented voices of womxn, LGBTQ folk, and people of color. Along with the alumni writers, filmmakers, producers, and actors, I personally had the privilege of working with LA Showrunners Danny Rose and Lizzy Weiss on two separate scripts ("Exceeding Weight Limits," by Jasmine Johnson and "Tribes" by Taniya Hossain respectively), as well as actor and director (and Tisch alum!) Keith Powell. For more information about the showcase, and for bookings here in LA, please see The Other Showcase website or contact me directly.